The regulations of the national high school examinations are not changed in 2017. They are annually published upon the actual situation.

The examinations were shortened to  two days and a half instead of four days.

Exam subjects and modality are kept the same as previous years according to the regulations enacted by the Ministry of Education and Training. Mathematics, foreign language, natural science and social science will be assessed under MCQ and philology under essay skill.

The information about examination schedule, Mr. Bui Van Ga, Vice Minister of Education and Training said the national high school examinations in 2017 will be held earlier than previous years after a careful consideration of suitable and convenient time for students. The schedule is as follows:

  21 June, morning: Meeting of invigilators at exam venues.

21 June, afternoon: Meeting students and publication of exam regulations, exam schedule and mistake correction (if any).

22 June, morning: Philology test

22 June, afternoon: Mathematics test

23 June, morning: Natural science test

23 June, afternoon: Foreign language test

24 June, morning: Social science test

“Details are enacted in the brochure of instructions by the Ministry of Education and Training”, said Vice Minister Bui Van Ga.

Source: MOET