In 2020, with the goal of socializing communication activities in the field of energy saving, renewing the propaganda campaign in response to the Earth Hour in a more creative and practical way to bring efficiency in the propaganda. As a result , the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Vietnam will be in charge of the activities of the Earth Hour 2020 Campaign in Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment acts as sponsoring agencies for the Campaign.

In response to the Earth Hour 2020 Campaign, contributing to the global efforts, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has sent a dispatch to EVN to direct the Corporation and Electricity Company of provinces and cities to respond to the Campaign. Earth Hour 2020 disseminates information about electricity saving and environmental protection, online propaganda on website, fanpage, propaganda through publications at customer transaction locations, headquarters of electricity units in March 2020. Organizations, agencies and customers are recommended to turn off unnecessary lights and equipment at the time of the Earth Hour Event from 20:30 to 21:30 Saturday, March 28, 2020.

Unlike every year, Earth Hour 2020 shifts its focus from "Climate Change" (CC) to "Loss of biodiversity".

With the unprecedented increase in consumption, which has led to a sudden increase in the demand for energy, land, water ... This has rapidly depleted resources, changed the habitats on the Earth, contributing to widespread biodiversity loss.

Earth Hour 2020 calls for the commitment of governments, organizations, businesses and individuals to take action to reverse the negative impacts on biodiversity. The program's activities contribute to the promotion of consumer behavior change initiatives such as saving energy, limiting the use of plastic and saying no to the consumption of wildlife ... Thereby, together with international community, the program is better implemented in favor of the targets of climate change response and green planet protection.

In addition, countries should direct the strengthening of research, development and implementation of mechanisms, policies, projects and works to cope with climate change, environmental protection, contributing to socioeconomic development, and improving people's lives; the promotion of the application of information technology and online methods to promote and propagate topics and messages of Earth Hour; guide to increase the time and posting volume on the topic of climate change response associated with environmental protection; developing clean, environmentally friendly energy ...

The main activities of Earth Hour 2020 included media campaign from March 12 to March 28; discussion on March 28 on VTV1 channel with the message of the Prime Minister; call for commitment on the WWF website and campaign summary from March 28 to April 4; Communication to educate the public through 100 paintings in Hoan Kiem area, Hanoi; Screen communication in commercial areas and residential areas; Communication through celebrities - WWF ambassadors.