Implementing the Official Letter No. 1398/BGDĐT-GDTC dated April 23, 2020, by the Ministry of Education and Training on guiding conditions to ensure safety for pupils and students returning to school and handling suspected cases at the university (if any); the Official Letter No. 331/ĐHV-HCTH dated April 24, 2020, by the University on preparing students to return to the University to study after the online learning period to prevent and control Covid-19. On the morning of April 25, 2020, more than 1,000 staff and faculty members of Vinh University carried out the public service including cleaning the offices and classrooms.

This is the largest comprehensive cleaning ever to clean the University and classrooms after a long vacation to prevent and control Covid-19, which is enthusiastically supported by staff and faculty members.

Here are some pictures of the activity:

Written by HN
Photos by staff and faculty
Adapted in English by Nguyen Hai