A large number of students participated in the workshop co-chaired by ten experts coming from the Ministry of Education and Training and eight Vietnamese universities and academies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof. Nguyen Huy Bang, President of Vinh University, optimistically said that in 2021, the high school examinations would not change much compared to those in 2020. This would be an advantage for senior students this year. But university admissions activities would have a lot of diversity, along with many fluctuations in the structure of industries and HR needs. Prof. Nguyen Huy Bang wished students of Nghe An Province to uphold their tradition of fondness for learning, to be serious in the study, to comply with the regulations of the exams, to take advantage of valuable opportunities like this program to get practical information in choosing a major as well as a career for the future. Vinh University, other higher education and vocational training institutions would be willing to accompany them to choose a career in the most intelligent way.

Prof. Nguyen Huy Bang, President of Vinh University, spoke at the workshop

At 8:20 a general consultation session began with the consultants. Prof. Nguyen Tien Thao, Director of the Testing Center, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs Department, Vietnam National University in Hanoi, advised students to carefully read the enrollment projects of universities (posted on university websites), to avoid failures due to lack of information.

Prof. Nguyen Tien Thao chaired the workshop

Ms. Hoang Thuy Nga from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Training said that most universities are currently autonomous, so there would be many different admission methods. She advised students to carefully read the university admission projects. Students are registered with unlimited admission aspirations, and the universities will recruit them according to the top-down results.

Ms. Hoang Thuy Nga spoke at the workshop

Students must note that they can only win one aspiration. Therefore, they need to put the highest aspiration first, and the next aspirations in order. They can adjust their aspirations only once on paper and online on the system. They must have a phone number registered on the system in order to adjust their aspirations.

All information must be completely correct. After having the results of the high school graduation examination, the successful students will receive a certificate of the exam results. If they confirm this form, the university will confirm this form to the system, they will not be able to register another university.

Within the program, representatives of the admissions and academic affairs departments of universities, colleges, and vocational schools will directly provide information to students at more than 50 counseling stands.

Here are some pictures of the worshop

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Adapted by Nguyen Hai