On February 13, 2020, in order to support the prevention of Covid-19 disease, Vinh University organized a free distribution of GreenCare antibacterial hand sanitizer for staff, faculty members, students, and people.

This is a product researched and produced by a group of lecturers and students of Chemistry education (School of Natural Science Education) and Food Technology (School of Biochemcal Technology and Environment) at their laboratory. The product was specially manufactured with all-natural ingredients, using pure lemongrass essential oil distilled from fresh lemongrass by essential oil distillation equipment of Vinh University's Laboratory, so the product has a fragrant smell and safe for health.

Greencare antibacterian hand sanitizer

The product is used to disinfect hands daily, works to prevent infections and infectious diseases. After applying the product on hands, hands should be kept dry naturally and needn’t be washed with water.
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hien - Vice President of Vinh University said that although the production quantity was not sufficient, Vinh University staff and students were eager to support the community from the smallest and most practical actions. In the coming time, the University will continue to support the lecturers and students of Chemistry Education and Food Technology to produce more meeting the need of staff, students, and people living around the University.

Here are some pictures of the distribution