On the morning of March 19, 2020, Vinh University held a ceremony to award the Medal for the cause of science and technology to Prof.Dr.Sc. Cao Long Van. The ceremony was held with the participation of Prof.Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa, President; Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang, Vice President; Dr. Tran Ba Tien, Vice President; Head of relevant departments; representatives of Natural Sciences Education; Staff, lecturers, and students majoring in Optical at Vinh University.

Dr. Tran Ba Tien announced the Decision of the Minister of Science and Technology

Prof.Dr.Sc. Cao Long Van (Born in 1952 in Hanoi), successfully defended his Doctor of Science thesis in 1986 in Poland, was nominated Professor in 1999 by the University of Zielone Gora (Poland). Throughout his life as a scientist, Prof.Dr.Sc. Cao Long Van has made many positive contributions to scientific and technological activities. He is the author and co-author of more than 100 international scientific works in Physics. He also co-developed the formalism that applied random processes to quantum optics in the 1980s. In addition, Prof.Dr.Sc. Cao Long Van is also the author of the General Physics series and many monographs in English and Vietnamese.

Prof.Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa and Prof.Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang awarded the medal and flowers to Prof. Dr. Sc. Cao Long Van

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof.Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa said: In addition to making a great contribution to science and technology activities, Prof.Dr.Sc. Cao Long Van also has many positive contributions to Vinh University over the past 30 years. In particular, Prof. Dr. Sc. Cao Long Van spent a lot of time helping the lecturers and students of the university carry out research projects and invited over 30 famous scientists of the world to come and give lectures directly to faculty members and students; introduced and found scholarships for faculty members and students of the University to study, research and exchange studies with universities, scientific organizations in Poland in the field of Optics. Prof. Dr. Cao Long Van also introduced many new research directions and now the University has formed two strong research groups on crystal optical fiber and atomic resonance environments in both theoretical and empirical perspectives. In 2018, Prof. Dr. Cao Long Van was awarded the Honorary Doctoral Degree by the University.

Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa spoke at the ceremony and congratulated Prof. Cao Long Van

Prof. Dr. Cao Long Van spoke at the ceremony

Here are some pictures of the ceremony:

Written by Nguyen Hai
Photos by HN