Recognizing that Vocational Education and Training (hereafter referred to as the ‘VET’) is one of the most important field for development of human resource,

Sharing the view that there is a need to further expand cooperation between the Participants in the field,

Agree to cooperate with each other in carrying out VET projects as follows:


The objective of this Memorandum of Understanding (hereafter referred to as the ‘MOU’) is to prescribe the basic roles, mutual fulfillment conditions, cooperation, and accountability of both participants in relation to the joint implementation of vocational education and training programs and "job related projects".

Mutual faith

The participants shall give priority to the benefit of the other participant in carrying out this work.

Scope of Cooperation

1. The Participants shall cooperate for the successful implementation of "vocational education and training projects" and for Vinh University's "enhancement of student employment rate and creation of decent jobs" and share employment results and infrastructure.

2. Vinh University actively provides publicity, administrative support and work space related to the project.

3. K Jobs provides knowledge, know-how and other information about vocational counseling, career education, job placement and case management to Vinh University to improve the student employment rate and implementation of VET project.

4. K Jobs actively provides consulting and manpower for job-related events such as job fairs organized by Vinh University.