Implementing the annual work plan, on the morning of March 26, 2019, Vinh University held a ceremony to award engineers and bachelor degrees for graduates in 2019. Representatives of the Directorate and different divisions of the University led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang, Vice President, and 329 new graduates attended the ceremony.

In the first installment of 2019, the Graduation Council of the University considered and recognized the graduation for 329 students, including 3 excellent ranking students, 19 very good ranking students. Especially among the graduates, this time, 116 students graduated earlier than the set schedule with the result of 1 excellent ranking student, 18 very good ranking students. The school awarded certificates of merit and rewards to 19 excellent ranking students, very good ranking students and good ranking students.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony:

Participants in the ceremony

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang, Vice President at the ceremony

Representative of new graduates gave flowers to Vinh University's representative

Nguyen Thanh My, PhD., pronounced the Decision on graduation recognition

Dang Thi Thu, PhD., Acting director of Student Affairs Dept. pronounced the decision on rewards to students

Written and photos by Student Affairs Dept.
Adaptation by NH