1. Check regularly the training program, the student handbook; when you get registration schedule, check the list of courses, pay tuition fees and change late schedule.

2. Activate the user account and password to access the enrollment.

3. Come to the department/school! Register a study counseling calendar for counseling, planning a study based on your academic program, schedule, personal availability and ability.

4. Understand course rules, course conditions, maximum credits, electives, non-cumulative credits, electives classes, and suitable elective modules.

5. Use the search tool to view the time, place, and lecturers at the beginning of enrollment.

6. Use the subscription plan to create schedules for the classes you want, select a desired schedule and memorize it.

7. Start registering when there is a registration schedule and then “Add”, “drop” or “exchange” online classes during enrollment.

8. Eliminate the class that you no longer want in the first two weeks of the official school calendar so that you do not lose your fees and get "F" points. Official written request to change your personal schedule / timetable starting with week 3.

9. Check your account balance whenever you add or drop courses. Pay tuition and other fees before the deadline stated in the Fees Schedule.