On July 16, 1959, the Vinh Teacher Training Branch was established under the Decree No. 375 / ND of the Ministry of Education, also at the same time with the establishment of the Vinh Teacher Training Branch’s Labour Union was founded (currently known as Vinh University’s Labour Union). Under the leadership of the Party Committee and the Board of Directors of Vinh University over 60 years of construction and growth, Vinh University’s Labour Union always performs well its functions and duties.

Fully grasping the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam Labour Union, the Education and Training Union, and the Resolution of Vinh University’s Party Congress, the Resolution of the Congress of Representative delegation of Vinh University 33rd Plenum has identified the goals of the work: "Renewing the content and mode of labour union at all levels, representatives protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of officials and teachers and workers; widely organize patriotic emulation movement and industry movements, develop teachers and management staff, strive to build Vinh University into a National Key University, contributing to the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education according to the requirements of standardization and modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration with the mottos of " Innovation, Quality, Practicality, Efficiency".

Vinh University’s Labour Union has been determining to build a strong union, overcome difficulties and challenges to contribute to the successful implementation of the University's development strategy, which has been determined by the Party Committee and the Directorate as: "Continue the radical and comprehensive innovation of education and training; take the initiative in international integration; build a contingent of cadres with adequate quantity, quality assurance and uniform structure; build Vinh University  into a  National Key University, with a number of disciplines of international standards,  a member of the ASEAN University Network ".

With the tradition of history and achievements in all aspects of operation, Vinh University’s Labour Union  was awarded many precious distinctions: Second-Ranking and Third-Ranking Labor Medals; Emulation flag of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor; the title "Excellent strong Union base”; many certificates of merit from Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam Education Union ...