Student Association of Vinh University was established and is directed by Nghe An Provincial Student Association, the Party Committee, the Directorate of Vinh University and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Currently, Student  Association of Vinh University has 18 affiliated branches of 18 training departments and schools and clubs, teams and groups. Activities of 18 inter-branch associations under the direct guidance of the Student Association, the Party Committee at the same level and the Youth Union at the same level.

The structure of the Association is formed upon 3 levels: Student Association; Inter- departmental Student Association; Departmental Student Association.

The 10th Executive Board of Vinh University Student Association includes 27 members, of which the Secretariat has 09 members (for details, please check on the website of the University Student Association)


Functions and missions of the Student Association


 + To Gather, unite, encourage and help students in learning and practicing, fulfilling the duties of the students, contributing to building a strong community.

 + Improve the ideological education, ethical traditions, lifestyle and legal awareness for students.

 + To reflect needs and aspirations of students to the University’s Directorate; Participate in reviewing and proposing policies related to student affairs; Organize activities, take care of material and spiritual life and protect the legitimate interests of students and the Association.

 + To unite, develop friendly and cooperative relations with student organizations, progressive youth and people of countries all over the world for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress.


Business programs of the Student Association


 + “Student of 5 merits” movement;

 + Student programs cultivate ideas, practice morality, style;

 + Program of students studying, creating and doing scientific research;

 + Student physical training program;

 + Program of Counseling, supporting students;

 + Student Volunteer Program for community life;

 + Student program proactively international integration;

 + The program to build Vietnamese Student Association stronger, focusing on renovating and perfecting the organizational system and operation mechanism of the Student Association at all levels, especially, focusing on training and retraining skills for the Association's officials, developing branches, clubs, teams and groups.




Third –Ranking Labor Medal (2006), Prime Minister's Merit (2004), Emulation Flag, Merit of The Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association, the People's Committee of Nghe An Province, the Central Committee of Nghe An Provincial Union, the Executive Committee of the Provincial Student Association and many other certificates of merit.