Currently, in order to serve the needs of market development in Nghe An Province, J&T EXPRRESS Company needs to recruit Quality Assurance and Quality Assignment Staff as follows:

Requirements: Male, female aged 24-30

- Experience in quality management;

- Good health, active, enthusiastic, honest.


- Being able to work in a professional environment, having opportunities for advancement.

- Participating in social insurance and enjoying benefits according to the Vietnamese labor law;

- Salary from 4-10 million, depending on location.

Job description (Quality management)

1. Controlling the amount of goods, quality of goods, quality of operation of the transport process

2. Dealing with problems arising in delivery operations such as complaints, compensation, aviation, etc.

3. Controlling operations at post offices, setting up processes, regulations and standards related to ensuring the operation quality of the company

4. Using internal system, making report, statistics table to control the whole operation process to ensure the operation process is transparent and timely.

Note: For shippers, please see details in the attached file.

Contact: Centre for Services, Student Support and Enterprise Relations, 1st floor, Building A0, Phone: 0238.3733666 or directly call to Ms. Huyen: 0917827100, Ms. Thu: 0979506281; Applications can be submitted via email: