As partners, Mr. Tran Xuan Huy, General Director of Viet Victory, former General Director of Sacombank Vietnam and his fellows including directors of planning and sales; Mr. Le Huynh Hoa, Vice Director for Personnel of HDBank, Nghe An Branch participated in the ceremony with the representatives of Vinh University, Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa, President; Dr. Tran Tu Khanh, Vice President, officials from academic and administrative departments and more than 400 students from Economics Department.

Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa, President of VU, opened the ceremony

Mr. Tran Xuan Huy, General Director of Viet Victory gave a talk at the ceremony

Mr. Le Huynh Hoa, Vice Director HDBank Nghe An congratulated the success of the ceremony

On March 18, 2016, the directorate of VU, in company with DHBank and Viet Victory’s representatives made discussion on the cooperation in practical model building and transfer (emulated bank, emulated company and emulated stock transaction with 11 essential professional titles corresponding with positions at the bank, company and trading store) in order to improve the quality of training at VU. Based on the agreement, Viet Victory will support VU in terms of the design of models, software installation, lecture provision, training of trainers and model transfer in favour of the training at VU. This practical model is a system of classrooms emulating real activities at the bank, enterprise and stock company which aim to train professional knowledge and skills to students of economics, finance and banking. This way, students can experience practical learning models based on the reality. They would be tellers, financial specialists, international payment specialists, stock tellers, accountants, marketing executives and make real operations through daily transaction situations at the bank, company and trading store.


Delegates at the ceremony


On behalf of VU, Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa emphasized that VU focuses on the cooperation with enterprises in all fields such as science and technology transfer; academic cooperation, internships, fact-finding tours, scholarships, jobs, etc. with the aim to promote actor’s potentiality, advantages for a better development. VU has recently signed agreements with loads of enterprises nationwide such as VCCI, TH group, VNPT, CP Company, OLECO, etc. The president also appreciated the practical models in support of professional skill learning, practical time and fact-finding tours so that students will be well prepared for their professional practice. He added that Viet Victory is a leading company in finance and banking with several years of experience operating in Vietnam. The company gathers brilliant experts who had held leading positions in the fields of banking and finance. It is the reason why Vinh University trusts and chooses Viet Victory and DHBank with the hope that the later will be effective partners in the cooperative program.

 Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa and Mr. Tran Xuan Huy signed cooperative contract


Mr. Tran Xuan Huy, General Director of Viet Victory highly appreciated VU’s role and position in the Vietnamese university system, especially its training scale, faculty quality and facilities in comparison with others. He was really impressed by VU’s policies on technology application in the training, practical activities and internships.   He added: “With the mission of the link between universities and enterprises, Viet Victory can, as its strength, develop practical curriculum of finance and banking and software for banking skills (Core-banking) which meet the requirements of every employer nationwide. Viet Victory hopes for a close cooperation with Vinh University in building, carrying out the practical models and the training of core-banking for students of finance and banking”.

Students of Economics Department took part in the ceremony

At the ceremony, Viet Victory and HDBank organized employment consultancy program and shared professional experience to senior students. HDBank also received internship profiles and employment candidates to HDBank.

Written by Doan Minh
Photos by Ngoc Quyen
Adapted by Nguyen Hai