On the morning of January 18, Vinh University held a conference to get comments and recommendations on the Education Law (amended) with the participation of representatives of training departments, institutes, administrative departments and schools under Vinh University, especially the attendance of representatives of the People's Council of Nghe An province.

The conference content focused on 11 main issues: Educational philosophy; Education investment, the responsibility of the State; teachers; learners; general education and textbooks; topup; high school graduation exam, university admission; autonomy of educational institutions; state management; educational institution network planning and educational accreditation; legislative techniques.

At the conference, the delegates agreed with the draft of Education Law(revised), concretising the Party's important views and orientations on radical and comprehensive innovation of education and training. The draft content has basically solved the shortcomings and limitations of the reality.

However, experts and teachers of Vinh University had many comments on the concepts, terms and phrases, rationality and transparency for more accuracy in the law.

The conference also received many opinions on the issue of educational philosophy, and unification: It is necessary to have an educational philosophy, an education to serve the educational philosophy. However, it should not be put into a separate law but in the nature, principles, goals ... of education.

Besides, teachers and experts of Vinh University also paid special attention to issues related to teachers 'policies to ensure the rights of teachers' legal status and dignity, attraction of students in teacher training programme.

Issues related to the arrangement, planning of the pedagogical school system, the issue of education directional distribution after junior secondary school and high school, and topup programmes of all educational levels and policies for pedagogical students were also heatedly discussed in the conference.

Attending the conference, representatives of the People's Council of Nghe An Province also commented on issues related to tuition fees and students of ethnic minority and difficult areas.

Summary of the conference, Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh - Vice President of Vinh University said that the school will synthesize comments and send to the Ministry of Education and Training. The Directorate of Vinh University also suggested that in the coming time, experts, teachers and lecturers would continue to study the issues of the draft Law on Education (amended). If there are any comments and corrections, send it to the secretariat, the University will receive and send additional information to the MOET.

Here are some pictures of the conference:

GS.TS. Thái Văn Thành - Phó Hiệu trưởng ĐH Vinh chủ trì Hội nghị lấy ý kiến góp ý Luật giáo dục (sửa đổi)
Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh, Vice President, chaired the conference

Experts and teachers studied the draft of the law and gave comments

Opinions from Nghe An Provincial People's Council