Due to fabulous development of tourism in recent years which requires a number of staff specialized in tourism administration, tour guide, hospitality, etc. and the requirement of HR in the north of Central Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training decided to assign to Vinh University to teach Vietnamese studies, tourism major in 2007.

Tourism is a new major not only at Vinh University but also in Vietnam at undergraduate level. After five years of operation and development, tourism teaching at Vinh University has been gained great results in the improvement of  teaching quality meeting society’s requirements. The curriculum of tourism at Vinh University has been built up based on updated tourism syllabuses of reputable universities nationwide and worldwide and the reality of tourism in Vietnam. Along with studying general and specialized subjects at school, students of tourism are trained professional skills in different forms such as fact-finding tours of Vietnamese well known landscapes and historic monuments recognized and classified by UNESCO as world cultural and natural heritages: Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha -Ke Bang National Park, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hue Citadel, Hoi An Old Town, My Son Holly Land; professional learner working as a tour guide for domestic and international tours or attending an annual tourism contest.

By choosing tourism major at Vinh University, you will have opportunity reaching a major conformable to your interest and capacity. You can choose tour guide sub-major to enjoy your travel around the country together with tourists in the future. You also grasp knowledge and basic skills of tourism administration, organize and build tourism management mode. In addition, you can choose restaurant- hospitality major to show own talents.

Choosing tourism major at Vinh University means that you choose a great environment for not only professional training but also for the improvement of value-creation. All related actors of the University from the directorate to teachers, also fully support you in professional and moral training through practical activities.  

With a long-standing tradition of 56 years in HR training and high qualified teaching staff, Vinh University is one of the largest qualified training centers and has gained the confidence of numerous institutions and companies. The university has enrolled over 700 students for 5 courses of tourism. 147 graduated students of the first course almost had jobs in 16 provinces of the country. For the first course of tourism, students (over 70% of whom graduated with good ranking) were offered employment by many travel agencies of Nghe An, Ha Tinh provinces and others.

To meet society’s needs, with the strong point of being one of the 16 national key universities, with experienced teaching staff and updated and practical curriculum, the students of tourism at Vinh University have been being fully confident to pursue the chosen career.

Lecturers of tourism major

Written by BVH
Translation by Nguyen Hai (RIA), Anh Tuan (FLD),  Tran Linh (FLD) and Nguyen Thi Nga (FLD)