The purpose of the conference is to create a forum to introduce some new researches on natural science; to exchange of the research results among scientists, young researchers, masters and PhD. students who come from universities and research institutes in the ASEAN community.

The conference had over 170 registered participants with more than 100 scientific reports in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The conference organization committee has selected five typical reports to present at the plenary session: Vietnam has two reports including one report from Optics research team of Prof.Dr Dinh Xuan Khoa (Vinh University) which was presented by Ass.Prof.Dr Nguyen Huy Bang.

The details information about the conference on:

Scientific reports of Optics research team (Vinh University) presented about the Controlling Optical Bistability in a five-level cascade EIT medium based on analytical and numerical methods. This is new research direction on photonic technology field which is attracting a lot of attention from scientists.

The result based on analytical method was published on March 2016 in the Journal of Optical Society of America B, USA. The detail information on:

The result based on numerical method had been suggested to publish on specialized magazines Communication in Physics 2016 by the conference organization committee.

Besides that, Optics research team (Vinh University) also had two poster reports.

The participants of the 4th conference.

Ass.Prof.Dr Nguyen Huy Bang (Head of the Faculty of Physics and Technology – Vinh University), on behalf of Optics research team reported at the plenary session. 

Translation by Bui Thuy