With the aim at development of competence-based curriculum, Vinh University applied for faculty capacity enhancement project sponsored by Belgium Government. In August 2017, this project was approved and the first activities were launched in March 2018. The project includes 12 activities shared between 4 results expected, which aim to enhancing faculty capacity of competence-based curriculum development for two majors namely Preschool education and Primary education.

This time, 60 participants of Vinh University were section chiefs, deans and vice deans of training departments/schools, and those who were responsible for the management and development of curriculums. 

At the opening session, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang, Vice President and Head of Vinh University’s FCB project Management Board, emphasized the importance of the training session and what the expert shared would be critical theory and practice. This supports Vinh University’s experts to develop and improve competence-based curriculums. Mr. Huynh Van Thong, Ph.D., trainer, presented main points of the training course before starting his consultancy.

The content of the training course focuses on context analysis, theory provision and practice of curriculum development. Dr. Huynh Van Thong mentioned about international models of competence-based curriculums and the reality of training affairs and curriculums in Vietnam, and the operation of the curriculums pursuant to the policy of the Central Committee “Radically shifting of educational programs from mainly knowledge provision to the comprehensive development of learnner’s competence and attitude.” (Resolution No 29-NQ/TW).  Based on these realities, what do Vietnamese universities should do to shift from traditional training to competence-based training? To do so, the importance is to design curriculum by integrating knowledge, skills and attitude.

The training course helped Vinh University’s academics understand more profoundly competence-based curriculum development and supported them to practice designing curriculums.

The results of the training course satisfied the expectations of the attandants. The practice of curriculum development made the theory more intelligible. Attandants are thirsty for more skills which will be taught in the next training session from April 11-14, 2018.

Here are some pictures of the training course:

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hien, Dean of Education Dept., opened the second section of the training course

Dr. Huynh Van Thong, Expert of the training course

Written and photos by Nguyen Hai