After several days of pedagogical professional practice and the competitions, the final for the best pedagogical professional practice at the institutional level for the academic year 2016-2017 was held on December 23, 2016. Four best teams had been selected to compete for the best place including Department of Education, Department of History, Department of Biology and Department of Chemistry.

All directorate members took part in the competition as supporters. The pedagogical professional practice is an annual professional activity held by Vinh University’s departments with the aim to strengthen future teachers’ competencies and skills. By practicing teaching skills and problem solving, students are confident and ready to enter the world of work after graduation from Vinh University. The activity has been conducted for 19 years and it has become a traditional activity at Vinh University and mandatory for pedagogical students. Upon the success of the professional practice, Vinh University will spread this kind of activity to other forms of training.  

In 2016, Vietnam celebrated 34 years of traditional Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, this activity contributed to making the celebration special and value this traditional event. The competition attracted students from thirteen departments which train future teachers. At the final, four departments competed for the most honorable prize. The victory came to the Department of Chemistry.

Here are some pictures of the competition:

Assoc. Prof. Thai Van Thanh gave flowers to competitors

Greetings by competitors from Education Department

Greetings by competitors from Biology Department

Greetings by competitors from Chemistry Department

Eloquence contest by a competitors from Education Department


Chemistry Department's team - the winer

Biology Department's team - Second prize

Education Department's team - Third prize

History Department's team - Consolation prize


Written by Hong Hai, HN
Photos by Trung Thong
English adaptation by NH