To improve the quality of teacher training in the coming time, the managing committee of ETEP (Enhancing Teacher Education Programme) organized an investigation at Vinh University jointly with the World Bank to improve the indicators TEIDI (Teacher Education Institutional Development Index) on January 6, 2017. The delegation included Mr. Michel Wwelmond (WB), Mrs. Nguyen Ninh (WB), Mr. Fabrice Henard (WB), Mrs. Nguyen Kim Dung (WB), Mr. Nguyen Danh Nam (ETEP) and Ms. On Thi My Linh (ETEP). On behalf of Vinh University, Prof. Dinh Xuan Khoa and representatives from departments of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Postgraduate Studies, Research and International Affairs, Personnel Management, Administrative Affairs, Facilities and Investment Management, IT Centre and Education met and worked with the delegation. At the meeting, Prof. Dinh Xuan Khoa emphasized the tradition of teacher training of Vinh University and its policies on teacher training in the coming years. He also noted that human resource for teacher training is an important indicator which has not been mentioned in the indicators TEIDI. On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Michel Welmond thanked Vinh University for the hospitality and cooperation, and defined the goal of their visit to Vinh University. After the leaders’ concerns, the members of the delegation asked several questions on teacher education at Vinh University: curriculum, personnel affairs, facilities, application of IT in teacher education, e-learning, etc. based on TEIDI indicators. Representatives from related departments answered the questions by focusing on their fields of management. They also mentioned the strength and weakness of teacher education, and development strategies in the coming time. All presentations focused on answering questions raised by the group of experts in order to complete TEIDI indicators. The research in favour of education was also mentioned to demonstrate Vinh University’s development strategies.

With a high responsibility, straightforwardness and concentration by Vinh University’s participants, the delegation got the overview of teacher education at Vinh University. They confirmed that all information provided by Vinh University was very important to complete TEIDI indicators in the coming time.


Here are some pictures of the working session:

Professor Dinh Xuan Khoa, President of Vinh University talked to Mr. Michel Wilmond, Head of the delegation

Delegation members worked with Vinh University's representatives





Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hien talked about teacher education at Vinh University

Professor Dinh Xuan Khoa gave souvenir gift to the delegation


Written and photos by Nguyen Hai