Vinh University is located in the heart of Vinh City, Nghe An Province, in central Vietnam.  The University was first established in 1959 as the Vinh Teachers’ Training College. Since its creation, Vinh University has become a major centre for education, training and scientific research in all of Vietnam. The University attempts to train students to become dynamic, creative and achieve excellence in both academic knowledge and social understanding, to meet the needs of today’s society. It has a combined enrolment of 46,000 students shared between two campuses and 18 teaching and research departments. With about 1,016 staff among them 644 lecturers, 56 professors and associate professors, 166 doctors and 422 masters, 133 senior lecturers, Vinh University is responsible for training 50 undergraduate majors, 35 master majors and 15 doctoral majors. One practical school including Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School; one Gifted Student High-School and one representative office in Ho Chi Minh-City are also its active components. Vinh University with a training scale of 46,000 students is considered as one of the most prestigious Vietnamese universities. Thus it was recognized as an important centre for education, scientific research and technology exchanges not only in Northern Central Vietnam, but also nationwide, notably as one of sixteen key universities of Vietnam in 2011 according to the development policy by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

With its goal to make itself a national key university and to develop some majors in international standards, Vinh University has become one of leading places to build the youth’s future.

Vinh University has two main campuses with an area of 272 hectares and it is home to 18 training departments, two component schools and 33 administrative departments, institutes and centres.

Vinh University has been honoured with many valuable distinctions such as: Second ranking Labour Medal (1979), First ranking Labour Medal (1992), Third ranking Independence Medal (1995), Second ranking Independence Medal (2001), Title of Labour Hero (2004), Excellent competition banner by Vietnamese government (2007), Friendship Medal by the President of Lao PDR (2009, 2011).

Vinh University’s Labour Union was conferred  the Third ranking Labour Medal (2000), the Second ranking Labour Medal (2006); its Youth Union also got the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister and the Third ranking Labour Medal by the president of SR. Vietnam in 2006.

On July 11, 2011, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan signed the official correspondence No 1136/TTg-KGVX on the addition of Vinh University to key university project of the Vietnamese Government.

Located in a city of about 440,000 inhabitants and mindful of its long-standing academic tradition while resolutely looking to the future, Vinh University manages to strike a careful balance between scientific excellence and quality of life on campus.

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