Hanbat National University and Vinh University signed the MOU and agreement on student exchange with the following contents:

Memorandum of Understanding:

VINH UNIVERSITY and HANBAT NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, wishing to promote co-operation between the two institutions in education and in academic research, agree to exercise their best efforts to establish friendship and cooperation, promote mutual understanding, academic collaboration and cultural exchange.


With this MOU both parties agree to explore:

  1. co-operation on academic programmes;
  2. development of joint research activities;
  3. university staff exchanges or mutual visits to both institutions;
  4. student exchange and/or visiting programmes;
  5. Development and cooperation on Korean and Vietnamese languages education for both institutions;
  6. other activities viewed to be mutually beneficial.

The terms of co-operation for each specific activity implemented under this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon in writing by both parties and will be the subject of separate agreements.

Vinh University and Hanbat National University are committed to working together to develop the specific agreements that will provide the logistical and management details appropriate for the development of each programme -activity.


This MoU becomes effective from the day the authorized Officials of both institutions affix their signatures below, and will continue for an initial period of five years, whereupon it shall be reviewed and may be extended by the mutual written agreement of both institutions.

This MoU may be revised through the mutual agreement of both institutions and may be terminated by either party upon giving six months’ written notice signed by the presiding officer of the notifying party.

Any use of the names Vinh University or Hanbat National University, including any of its constituent schools, departments, programmes or logos, relating in any way to the activities described in this MoU, shall be subject to prior written approval.

Student and Staff Exchange Agreement:

Student Exchange:

1. Balance of Exchanges:

Both institutions shall make reasonable effort to balance the numbers of Exchange Students participating from each institution by the end of the five (5) year term of this Agreement and may vary in any given year.

2. Duration of Exchanges:

The period of stay of each Exchange Student at the Host Institution shall not exceed one (1) academic year.

3. Number of Exchange Students:

The number of Exchange Students shall not exceed four (4) students per institution per academic year. Both institutions shall make reasonable effort to keep the numbers sent from each institution to be reciprocal and equal. Two (2) Exchange Students enrolling for one (1) semester or less shall be deemed equivalent to one (1) Exchange Student enrolling for one (1) academic year. However, the Host Institution may exercise its discretion in considering the appropriate timing for admission of Exchange Students to its courses or research works. Also, In case that students from the partner university will operate the English Conversation Leaders Club assisted by Office of International Affairs at Hanbat National University, they will be supported financially by the Office of International Affairs according to the rules and conditions of Hanbat National University.

4. Selection of Exchange Students at the Home Institution:

The Home Institution shall be responsible for selecting candidates for Exchange Students. Exchange Students shall be full-time students at the Home Institution.

5. Admission Procedures:

The Home Institution shall send a list of the Exchange Students nominated, their applications, and other documents required to the Host Institution by the deadline set forth each year by the Host Institution. The Host Institution shall have the right to make the final decision on the admission of each candidate based on its admission policies, rules and regulations set forth officially. The Host Institution shall inform the Home Institution of its final decision on each proposed admission as soon as possible.

6. Tuition fees:

Exchange Students shall pay normal tuition and other fees to the Home Institution in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Home Institution. Each Host Institution shall waive examination, matriculation, and tuition fees for Exchange Students, except for special courses including intensive language courses and summer / spring programs.

7. Use of Facilities and Services:

Host Institution shall grant Exchange Students access to its facilities and services normally available to its own students.

8. Financial Responsibility of Exchange Student:

Exchange Students or the Home Institution shall be responsible for room, board, books, travelling, health insurance and liability insurance, medical treatment, passports, visas, and other personal living expenses unless otherwise funded by specific programs. However, regarding room (accommodation), if the students from the partner university will operate the special programs (e.g. the English Conversation Leaders Club under assistance of HBNU’s International Office or the Korean Conversation Leaders Club under assistance of the partner university’s International Office), they will be financially supported by the host university.

9. Transfer of Credits:

It shall be the sole responsibility of the Home institution to recognize how many transfer credit units the Exchange Student may receive for the courses or research works taken at the Host Institution. Upon request from the Home Institution, the Host Institution shall send necessary documents including an official academic transcript or an official certificate of the Exchange Student for the Home Institution to transfer the credits.


Staff Exchange:

1. Duration of Staff Exchange:

Each institution shall consult on a regular basis, the possibility of Staff Exchange in areas of education, research or administration. The period of exchange shall be discussed and agreed by the both institutions.

2. Selection of Exchange Staff:

Each institution shall ensure that the selected staff meets the appropriate works requirements as determined and agreed upon by the both institutions. It is also agreed that the intended exchange must be made known to the Host Institution at least three (3) months in advance with required documents.

3. Salaries and Expenses:

Exchange Staff or the Home Institution shall be responsible for room, board, travelling, health insurance and liability insurance, medical treatment, passports, visas, and other personal living expenses unless otherwise funded by specific programs or supported with the authorization under the rules and regulations of Host Institution. Salaries shall be responsible of Home Institution.

4. Numbers of Staff Exchange:

Both institutions shall make reasonable effort to keep the numbers of Exchange Staff from each institution to be reciprocal and equal.

5. Access to Special Facilities and Area:

Exchange Staff shall have no right, unless advance understanding and permission are made in writing between the both institutions to access to special facilities and area including laboratories and equipment designated as special facilities and area at Host Institution.

Here are some pictures of the working session: