The forum gathered 22 universities of Vietnam from the South to the North which provided students with full, accurate and useful information about the Vietnamese education and their specific data and requirements for those who will study at a Vietnamese university.

To open a series of activities at the forum, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports held an overall conference with the participation of Lao Vice Minister of Education and Sports, leaders of the Departments of International Cooperation and heads of all institutions involved. Many proposals to HR training for Laos were raised, particularly the improvement of Lao student admission. On behalf of Vinh University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Dinh Phuong, Vice President, presented measures to improve the Vietnamese language level to Lao students taking the example of Vinh University who has connected several governmental and non-governmental organizations to teach Lao students as homestay, language tutoring and other activities outside the classroom such as Viet-Lao Friendship Association, Champak Club, Youth Union, etc. Thanks to these programs, Lao students could pass the barrier of language to study well their main majors. Assoc. Prof. Ngo Dinh Phuong’s initiatives were highly appreciated by two ministries and taken as a very good example of successful Lao student support.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Dinh Phuong, Vice President, had a talk at the conference

On May 20, 2016, the forum was held at Lao National Convention Center with 22 stands. Vinh University’s corner was set up at the entrance of the forum hall, the most relevant place to get student’s attention. From the early morning, many Lao students came to visit and ask for information about Vinh University and its undergrad and graduate training programs. The majority of questions focused on study programs, Vietnamese language requirement, training duration, life standard at Vinh City and tuition fee. Vinh University’s staff provided full, updated and explicit information with leaflets and brochure translated in Lao. The students were satisfied with the information provided and expected to choose Vinh University as their favourite place in Vietnam.  

Lao Vice Minister of Education and Sports, his wife, Cultural attaché of Vietnam in Laos, Director of Vietnamese International Cooperation Department (MOET) visited VU’s stand


Directors of Lao and Vietnamese International Cooperation Departments (MOES and DOET) visited VU's stand

 On this occasion, loads of former Lao students at Vinh University , currently holding important roles in Lao state mechanism, came to visit Vinh University’s stand and present Vinh University to Lao students. They were real examples of successful students from Vinh University, which demonstrated the quality of education and training offered by Vinh University.

Mr. Sysouphanh Phimmahaxay, former student of 45 class of politics, acting head of Personnel Training and Management Department, Lao Ministry of Home Affairs, participated in the forum with Vinh University 

Here are some pictures of Vinh University at the forum:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Dinh Phuong, Vice President, participated in the forum

Director of Education and Sports Department of Luongprabang Province visited Vinh University's stand

A souvenir picture with organization members (DOET)

Former students of Vinh University took souvenir picture with the delegation

Written by Nguyen Hai, Photos by Ngo Phuong