1. Qualification requirements

1.1. All oversea students have to hold appropriate qualifications according to the Vietnamese Education Law. Applicants should hold a high school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate programme, bachelor degree for master programme and master degree for doctoral programme (PhD).

1.2. The Vietnamese is required to apply for any major and any level of training. The certificate of Vietnamese (B2) should be issued by Vinh University or a reputed university in Vietnam.

1.3. All applicants to aptitude requiring majors (primary education, physical education, etc.) have to take additional tests upon Vinh University’s regulations.

2. Health conditions

Applicants must be fit for studies. They must provide a health check jointly with their application profile. Before studying, they have to pass a health check at Vinh University Medical Station. They must not contract any social or infectious diseases according to Vietnam Ministry of Health.


3. Application profile

Applicants have to provide a profile in their official language and an other in Vietnamese or English (certified translation). The documents include:

 3.1. Application form (downloadable here: https://goo.gl/DZ9kZS)

3.2. CV (with photograph and certification by the local authority)

3.3. Diploma and academic transcript.

3.4. Health check with photograph (no more than 6 months) provided by provincial or communal hospital.

3.5. Certificate of Vietnamese proficiency (if the applicant does not hold this certificate, he/she has to study one year Vietnamese course at Vinh University).

3.6. Decision on oversea study permission by the employer (if any).

3.7. Financial statement to guarantee student’s studies at Vinh University.

3.8. Research proposal (PhD applicant).

3.9. Two Recommendation letters (PhD applicant)

3.10. Proofs of aptitude, special courses, achievements, etc. (if any).

3.11. Passport with a validity of more than 6 months (notified copy with the original for confirmation and immigration procedures management).

3.12. Offer letter (original).

3.13. Eight colored photographs (3x4 cm).




- Tuition fee: 500 USD/year (10 months) for undergraduate programme, 800 USD/year for master programme and 1,000 USD/year for doctoral programme.

- Accommodation fee: 100 USD/year (10 months), 04 students/room.

- Accident insurance (20USD/student/year), paid once for the whole study pathway.

- Medical insurance annually paid upon the announcement of the State Insurance Agency.

- Each student is provided 3 m3 of clean water and 6 KwH of electricity per month. If he/she uses more than this amount, he/she has to pay an extra cost according to the price announced by the University.  




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